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Archives for December 2015

Working in the Class

The students have been very busy working the the classroom these days.  Besides working on a variety of choices the children have been ...
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Preparing for the Holiday

The children have been very busy decorating the classroom and making their special gifts for their parents these past few days.  The are so ...
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Celebrating Hanukkah

It was a delightful day as the children learned much about Hanukkah.  We read the story "I love Hanukkah" by Marilyn Hirsh.  The students ...
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Thankful for our School Community

We had a wonderful time at our Thanksgiving luncheon. Thank you to all our parents, grandparents and siblings whose helping hands made this ...
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Day of Diwali

Our class celebrated Diwali with the elementary students with the help of Nikhil's and Mukti's parents. They spoke about the history and ...
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