Our programs are specifically designed for each child's individual development


We are proud to have added a Montessori Toddler program at our Limerick campus!

VFKH’s Toddler Community is a ‘home away from home” for the child from 18-36 months.

The classroom is a beautiful, nurturing environment bathed in natural light and designed specifically for the very young child. The children engage in Practical Life activities. Practical Life activities feed a natural need of the Toddler to impersonate the adults around them in a real way such as preparing and serving snack, setting and clearing the table, sweeping, care of plants and animals, dish washing, polishing and so on. This builds a sense of confidence and competence and internal order that enhances later formal academic efforts.

The children participate in a range of gross motor activities within the beautiful natural setting of the Limerick campus. The Toddler’s fascination with nature is met with walks, gardening and animal studies. Additionally, the children love to stretch and refine their emerging skills with biking, bubbles, side walk chalk, swings and slides.

The language area is crucial for the developing child. Vocabulary and language enrichment through language materials, stories, songs and poetry are a daily experience.

Independence is fostered by allowing the child to choose from a variety of activities that he or she can accomplish with success. The daily practice of these activities enhances the child’s ability to communicate with confidence, move with grace and develop self-esteem.

Self-care exercises such as undressing, toileting and hand washing are integral parts of every morning’s work. When the time is right, VFKH works with families to support the transition to toilet use.

The Toddler Community is led by an AMI trained teacher and assistant.