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We are proud to have added a Montessori Toddler program at our Limerick campus!

Request information to learn more about this program! More information to come soon.

I had an interesting conversation with a prospective parent recently who teaches at a local college. She shared that she and her colleagues are constantly discussing ‘how unprepared kids are for college in terms of ‘soft skills’. By soft skills she meant skills other than the purely academic – the personal qualities, habits and attitudes that make someone a successful college student and, by extension, a good boss or employee later in life. She had just come from an observation in toddlers and primary and was surprised to have seen that in Montessori, ‘starting in toddlers, students develop the self -motivation, independence, and follow-through that many college students lack!’ In other words, beginning at these very young ages, Montessori children are already developing the soft skills that will benefit them so greatly later in life.”

~ Peter Davidson (MariaMontessori.com)