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Parent Testimonials

Here are comments from some of our parents:

Just about everywhere we go, people comment on our daughter Tierney. She’s a magical child, they say…polite, well spoken, intelligent. But we know it’s not magic, it’s Montessori.

We weren’t looking for a Montessori school when we started searching for a school for Tierney. In fact, we had the erroneous perception that Montessori schools are for stage mom types who want to brag about their “advanced” children. What we wanted was a school that would help Tierney develop a love of learning, show her and teach her to show kindness and respect, and work with us as partners rather than customers.

After visiting at least a dozen day care centers and “schools,” we happened to spot the sign for Valley Forge Kinder House and stopped in unannounced. We knew the moment we stepped inside that we had found the place for Tierney. It was truly a magical experience and like nothing we had ever seen. The children were working intently; the teachers were attentive and professional; and everyone looked happy to be there.

Thank you so much for your wonderful school, your incredible talent as teachers, and for caring for our daughter so obviously and so well.

Ten years ago we enrolled our first of five children in Valley Forge Kinder House. Our expectations were simple: to find a school he would enjoy, feel safe in, and learn the basics. The reality was much more. Our child learned responsibility, respect, and manners. And we learned how to reinforce those values at home. We are always being complimented on how well behaved our children are.

As the older three children entered first grade they were more prepared than most of the other children in their classes. They were reading at a higher level and we were pleased with the compliments we received from their teachers.

We have had three children graduate from Valley Forge Kinder House and when it came time for our fourth child to start school, we didn’t want to send her anywhere else. Keep up the good work!

It’s been an excellent experience. Jacques is beaming every day when I pick him up.

I wanted to thank you for your help, kindness, patience and concern you’ve shown, for Michael and Brittany, over the years. It will seem odd that our children won’t be at V.F.K.H. anymore and a little sad. They did so well there and we couldn’t be happier with the results. You have a wonderful staff and I couldn’t have picked a better teacher for my children. I wish you and Valley Forge Kinder House a great success in the future.

I just wanted to let you know how blessed we feel we are for having had the opportunity the last two years of bringing Ricky to Valley Forge Kinder House. Here he had the most wonderful education a child can have in these precious years of his life.

We felt the Kinder House offered Carter a well-rounded foundation, not only in academics but also in leadership and people skills.

We are impressed with the level of confidence and independence our children have in attacking problems and the “unknown.” We feel VFKH has given them the skill sets to adapt to changing environments.

One of your many strengths is your focus on a well-rounded program. Evenly emphasizing the Arts, Language, Math, Geography, etc. is a difficult task given your day-to-day schedule, and it is one you do very well.