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Archives for June 2013

Theatre Camp Performs!

Today the elementary children in Theatre Camp performed a series of skits and puppet shows. They spent two weeks learning various acting ...
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Gardening at Camp

The children are enjoying some gardening at camp with Ms. Phelen. What a wonderful way to explore the outdoors! They have been learning ...
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Work Time at Camp!

 The children at summer camp are having a great time working with fun Montessori materials. The sensorial and practical life materials are ...
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Science at Camp!

 These afternoon boys are studying the microscope. They are learning about earth science and geology as it relates to their outdoor ...
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Lessons During the Last Week of School

During the last week of school, the elementary children worked well on a variety of materials.  Here are four students working on how to ...
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The Last Day of School

Our last day was a busy day full of excitement and a little bit of sadness as well. Of course, the children worked beautifully on their ...
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