Weaver’s Orchard Field Trip

We had such an extraordinary experience at the Apple Orchards!  The huge orchard grows several kinds of trees like cherries, peaches and blueberries but we focused our attention on apples.  The students had so much fun learning all about apples – the trees, the stems and fruits. Not only did they learn about apples, but also pumpkins.  We found out that big pumpkins actually floated on water.  It only made sense because they’re hollow inside.  The highlight of the trip was that the children got to pick their own pumpkins and apples from the trees.

We also saw the process of making apple cider in one of the buildings in the orchard. It started from picking the apples. They get collected and placed in a special machine that sort them out into sizes. There’s another special machine that presses them several times and the juice that come out from it gets turned into cider.  Ten pounds of apples make a gallon of cider.  We each had the chance to drink a small bottle.  It was delicious!

Special thanks to all the parents who helped transport our students to Weavers Orchard.  We couldn’t thank you enough.