The Bees Came to Visit

We wanted to give a big thank you to Mr. Bruzzese for coming to our school to share his experiences with bee keeping.  The children truly enjoyed his visit.  He talked about a variety of things about bees such as how long they live, how many eggs a queen bee can lay, how bees make honey combs, the different types of honey they make in different seasons, etc.

He also showed the children his bee keepers outfit, smoker and the various levels of his new beehive house. Each layer has a special purpose and the children had a chance to explore the house, the honey comb shelves and even taste the different types of honey.

As an extra treat the children each had the opportunity to paint their hand print on his new bee house.  It was a fantastic visit! Thank you, Mr. Bruzzese.

About Ms. Phelen

Ms. Phelen has been a pillar of the VFKH community for over 25 years. She loves to watch the children grow in all aspects of their being, and share with them some of her talents, such as music and art appreciation.