Special Visitor in the Elementary Classroom

There was an exciting special visitor in the elementary classroom last Thursday!  Daniel Paseltiner, Mrs. Paseltiner’s oldest son, talked with the students about his upcoming trip to the Appalachian Trail, a 2,184 mile hike. He showed the students a framed map of the trail so that they could see where it is, and he displayed all of his gear with the students. Daniel talked about meeting all of his fundamental needs, one of the major themes in the elementary classroom, and how each of the things in his backpack helps him meet those needs. He referenced a chart in the classroom during this discussion, and the students learned how someone can take care of their basic needs while on a 6-month hike. He set up his hammock for the students to try out, and he let the students examine each item in his pack. He also demonstrated how he can cook instant mashed potatoes on his camp stove that uses denatured alcohol. What a fun day for the elementary class!


About Mrs. Nastasi

Mrs. Nastasi's passion for teaching has been channeled into the elementary program at VFKH since it's conception 10 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm of new discovery in the classroom, and the spark it creates for life-long learning.