Ms. Grogan’s Show and Tell

Ms. Grogan brought in a very special Show and Tell one day that was so interesting, the children couldn’t stop asking about it.  She brought a portion of a tree bark with a perfect hole.  It was apparently part of a tree that fell at her friend’s house. They sawed the bark in two and saw a perfect carved out portion.  As it turned out, a woodpecker pecked all the way in.  The woodpecker didn’t turn it into a nest, but Ms. Grogan suspects that it was trying to get to a trail of bugs it liked to snack on.  It looked like there were also small trails of bug carvings.  It was beautiful and fascinating, especially that it was something we don’t necessarily see everyday.  The children had so many interesting questions to ask Ms. Grogan.  We even listened to a woodpecker actually pecking online.

We are hoping Ms. Grogan will bring more Show and Tell objects of this kind in future.  We would all love that!