Little chicks!

Ms. Grogan never fails to bring the most interesting Show and Tell in class!  This time, she brought her own 2-week old girl chicks.  They are of the Cochin and Black Australorphs kind.  It was such a treat for the children because they were able to touch two of them, but only after Ms. Grogan made sure they followed the main rule.  They were only to pet with the grain of their feathers because the chicks don’t like their feathers ruffled.  They particularly found one of the chicks, named Wingless, to be very fascinating because just like its name, it only has one wing.  Since chickens don’t really fly, having only one wing didn’t really matter.  In a few months, they will be ready to lay some eggs.

Thank you, Ms. Grogan, for bringing your chickens to school.