Kids in the School!

We do have kids come  to school everyday, who we also call students.  However, last week, we had another kind of kid come to visit.  The Whitings brought in 2 baby goats, named Oscar and William, from their farm with their mama goat.  They are 2 weeks old and they are both boys.  Being boys, they are called billy goats. They were not shy at all and even allowed everybody to pet them, which delighted our students.  While mama goat was all too happy to eat the leaves from the trees and the grass from the ground, Oscar and William were satisfied with mama’s milk.  They still don’t have bottom teeth yet, making them unable to chew on delicious grass and leaves.  In no time, they will also eat everything they could get their mouths on.  We heard goats eat anything, not just grass or leaves.  Mama goat even ate a part of her leash once!

Thank you Luke, Bobbi and Sam for bringing your goat family to school.  Everybody really enjoyed your visit!