Holiday Wishes

The children have been working so hard with their daily lessons throughout the room with a lot of energy and excitement.  Our Math, Language and Geography areas are especially exploding with a variety of new and interesting conversations about each lesson.

The children also celebrated several holidays, such as reading stories about Hanukkah, lighting the menorah and playing the driedel game.  We also shared stories of the birth of Jesus with the nativity. As a class we talked about the spirit of Christmas and how the spirit of giving brings joy. This helps bring understand to the need for our Giving Tree, which enables us to bring the holiday spirit to those less unfortunate then us.  The children love all of these kinds of stories for they help guide the children with the understanding of our holidays.

Of course our Christmas Party with Santa was the highlight of the month and the children were so happy in sharing their songs and opening presents with him.  I hope all of you have a joyous holiday break visiting friends and family.

About Ms. Phelen

Ms. Phelen has been a pillar of the VFKH community for over 25 years. She loves to watch the children grow in all aspects of their being, and share with them some of her talents, such as music and art appreciation.