Hanukkah in the Classroom

Our primary class was fortunate enough to have 2 families come and celebrate  a very special Jewish occasion, Hanukkah, with us.  Nicole read a book about a story of a family celebrating Hanukkah and the miracles that made this holiday a truly special day.  Stephanie led the ‘Question and Answer’ portion, but both moms answered all the questions surrounding the traditions that their families have been doing over the decades.  Many students were very interested in the Menorah, a candlestick that supports 9 candles.  The Menorah represent the miracle of Hanukkah.  During hard times from way back, the oil that was originally thought would last for only 1 night lasted for 8 days instead.  Today, Jewish families have a Menorah during Hanukkah.  One candle in the Menorah is lit on the first day with the Shamas candle and another one gets added everyday for 8 days.  Although the students get gifts for Hanukkah, they got excited by the presents Caitie, Olive and Elliot received and will receive for 8 days.
Mrs. Paseltiner provided everybody with her very delicious latkes.  Special thanks to her.
We would like to thank Nicole and Stephanie for celebrating this special occasion with us.