Great work in the Elementary!

What a wonderful couple of weeks! New students joined the class, new friendships are forming, and great lessons are being introduced. The Elementary students are happy to be back in the classroom again, noticing the new changes and getting into the routine of things. Many students are already making progress in certain areas, such as area of polygons, multiplying decimals, negative exponents, and clause analysis. Others are eager to expand their knowledge in various areas, including volume, trilobites, coral reefs, rocks and minerals, solar and lunar eclipses, and more. Students are enjoying one-on-one conferences with me weekly, and we talk about the various projects and materials they are working on. Pictured are some of the students working, including on Dress Down Day last Friday (something that happens once a month in the Elementary). Great things are happening in the Elementary classroom!

About Mrs. Nastasi

Mrs. Nastasi's passion for teaching has been channeled into the elementary program at VFKH since it's conception 10 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm of new discovery in the classroom, and the spark it creates for life-long learning.