Great School Year Ahead!

The first month of this school year flew by and I am happy to announce that everybody has settled back into their routine.  Even our new students, Caitie, Nisan and Yliana, didn’t take a long time to blend in with their classmates, make new friends and build their own routine.  Most of this year’s students have told me that the materials they thought of as challenging are actually easy to do, which makes me very happy.  They are more focused, engaged and very eager to work on many materials.  They are also very busy doing jobs in the classroom, the most popular of which are sweeping, feeding the fish in the aquarium, mopping and cleaning the easel.  Everybody loves doing their share to ensure our classroom environment is peaceful, clean and beautiful.

It foresee smooth sailing school year.  Thank you for the privilege of working with your children.  We are excited of what is to come this school year!