From Mrs. Best:

This is a sad time for me as this is my last blog for the school.  I am leaving Valley Forge Kinder House after 4 wonderful years of service to your children.  It was a great honor and privilege that I had this opportunity to work with all of you, your children and co-workers.  There are so many fun memories that I will carry on with me.  I have so many little anecdotes from each of my students that left me in fits of laughter.  I will remember all the times I get hugs from my students just because.  I will remember the moments when most of them called me “Mom” and their real moms, “Mrs. Best”.  I will remember all the eureka moments my students have while working on their materials.  I will remember the books they brought to school because they wanted to share with their classmates.  I will remember the time when one of my students made an archipelago clay formation and called it the Philippines.  I will remember how my students counted in 4 languages.  I will remember all the postcards they sent our classroom when they went on vacation.  I will remember how environmentally aware they all are, making sure they didn’t waste paper towels and water.  I will remember the time when one of them asked me whether her banana peel should go – compost or trash.

So many memories that really made my stay at VFKH really special. I will miss all of you and I hope you will remember me.  Thank you for everything!