Fire Company Came to Visit

October was a very busy month, but all the children have been very busy working in class and enjoying all the extraordinary events.

The fire company came to visit with their very big fire truck.  The children learned about how to protect themselves should they their clothes ever catch on fire.  STOP! DROP! COVER! And ROLL!  The children have practiced this technique several times in the classroom, so the fire chief was very impressed with your children for already knowing what to do.  The children were given a wonderful demonstration of how a fire volunteer must put on his/her equipment for protecting themselves before going to put a fire out.  Some of the highlights of the event were touring through the fire truck, learning about the tools the fire truck carries and the purpose for the tools.  The most exciting part however was when the children asked if the firemen would turn on the lights and siren before they left which was a delightful moment in your children’s lives.

About Ms. Phelen

Ms. Phelen has been a pillar of the VFKH community for over 25 years. She loves to watch the children grow in all aspects of their being, and share with them some of her talents, such as music and art appreciation.