Field Trip to the Schuykill River Heritage Center

Yesterday the Elementary class enjoyed a field trip to the Schuylkill River Heritage Center. It was a wonderful way for the students to learn about the history of Phoenixville. They heard various stories about the Iron and Steel Company that gave Phoenixville its name and its place on the map. Phoenix columns are all over the country in different bridges, ferris wheels, and even the Washington Monument!

The Elementary students learned how people forged iron and steel, what they were used for, and how the Schuylkill River helped transport coal to the city of Philadelphia, by way of bridges made of Phoenix columns. There were stories of heroes along the way who helped save the foundry building and the historic land of Phoenixville, including our tour guide herself, Barbara Cohen!

The students walked up to the Phoenixville Mural to see for themselves the beautiful historical representation of our town. They also walked over the bridge that is composed of Phoenix columns, and touched the iron and rocks that still stand and will probably stand a long time at the foundry and along the bridge. What a wonderful field trip for the students!


About Mrs. Nastasi

Mrs. Nastasi's passion for teaching has been channeled into the elementary program at VFKH since it's conception 10 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm of new discovery in the classroom, and the spark it creates for life-long learning.