Fall Fest

What a celebration we had!  This year’s Halloween Parade and Fall Fest was a fun and joyous event indeed to everyone!  The children were truly excited to strut around the lot with their amazing costumes on and to belt out the “Five Little Pumpkins” poem they had been practicing for weeks, much to the delight of their proud parents.
After the parade, the parents and the students proceeded to their activity stations for crafts and games.  The loudest one by far was the Apple Bobbing station where each child who bobbed an apple successfully with his or her teeth was cheered on enthusiastically.  The “Pin the Nose” and “Bean Bag Toss” activity stations were also big hits.  But the students were very happy to bring home the picture frames and refrigerator magnets they themselves made.  These souvenirs definitely made this year’s event a very memorable one.
A special shout out to the parents who volunteered to make this event such a treat!  Thank you very much for taking time to join us in this special Halloween celebration!
Happy Trick-or-treating!