End of Year Wrap-Up

Dear Parents,

We’re here, the year is over! The last month and a half went by so quickly. We were so busy with the spring performance, Easter, Mother’s Day, the MUP sleepover and field trip, and graduation that all of a sudden it was time for the school picnic!

The children remained busy in the classroom until the very end. There was fresh bread baked every morning by an older child who is reading and a non-reading assistant. The fish and gardens were tended, and each child did his or her daily job — from stocking paper on the art shelf to folding laundry to setting up the room for lunch. Of course, with the beautiful weather, we enjoyed a few picnics, too. For Mother’s Day, the children stamped their handprint in black paint onto canvas alongside a wallet sized photo of themselves taken by a flowering tree. They did all the wrapping and labeling for each gift!

During the MUP sleepover, the children enjoyed cooking s’mores and playing outside. There were many fun crafts to make — necklaces, tote bags, jewelry boxes, and clay pots for votive candles. After reading from Sven’s Bridge and The Little Farm by the Sea, the children tucked into their sleeping bags and enjoyed a restful night. In the morning, they enjoyed breakfast while some of them took turns reading to everyone.

The MUP field trip to Pottsgrove Manor was also wonderful. The children explored the vegetable gardens, made a scented bag of dried herbs and flowers, toured the manor house, dipped beeswax candles, played 19th century lawn games, and even helped with the washing and hanging of laundry! The weather was beautiful, so they got to enjoy a picnic lunch, as well.

Finally, a hearty congratulations to all seven of our Phoenixvile MUP graduates. You will do wonderfully in your elementary classrooms next year!

Many people ask what they can do at home over the summer. The most important thing is to involve your child(ren) in as many of your normal daily activities as possible — feeding pets, washing the dishes, sorting and folding laundry, washing the car, preparing dinner. Also, try keeping a fairly consistent routine, even if things are a bit looser than they are during the school year. Children thrive on order in their lives. Make sure they are doing things with their hands, whether it’s painting a suncatcher or having some quiet time with a ball of clay. They should play outside every day they can. Finally, read with your child and, if they can, have he or she help sound out some of the words.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in the fall! To those whose journeys are taking them elsewhere, we wish you the best. Please come back and visit whenever you can.

Warm wishes for a safe, fun, and relaxing summer,

Ms. Fuller