Elementary Field Trip to Black Rock Sanctuary

Last Thursday, the Elementary class went on a field trip to Black Rock Sanctuary just outside of Phoenixville. While there, they were led by a ranger named Chris who showed them many aspects of the 115 acre sanctuary for wildlife and flora. The students had a pleasant walk along an interactive trail, which was almost a mile, having fun with some of the hands-on display boards and activities. They learned about the ecosystem of a pond, a vernal pool, and a river.  They were shown a map of the local watershed and what it means to have waste travel all the way to the ocean. They heard about the land ecosystem in the sanctuary, learning about different types of birds and their characteristics (including the shape of their feet!), various amphibians and the sounds that they make, and some of the predators and prey in the area. It was a fun field trip for the class and they asked to come back again next year!


About Mrs. Nastasi

Mrs. Nastasi's passion for teaching has been channeled into the elementary program at VFKH since it's conception 10 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm of new discovery in the classroom, and the spark it creates for life-long learning.