Dear Parents,

We are entering perhaps my favorite part of the school year — that time when every child has numerous lessons to repeat to mastery, when a quick glance around the room shows a child at every table, and the floor filled with rugs. They are concentrating — fully involved with their own individual work. Here are some examples of concentration in action:


We have also started daily baking. I usually ask a child who is reading to give a child who is not yet reading a lesson, since he or she can decipher the recipe. We also ring a little bell to alert all the children when the oven is turned on. We plan to bake each recipe for a month, then switch. The finished product is served alongside the snack each day. Our current recipe is for vegan pumpkin muffins — some of you may remember them as we served them on Parent Night! Here are just a couple of snaps from that event:


I will end by sharing some photos of our Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations.



Until next time,