Butterfly Release and Leaf Study!

On Friday, our butterflies were released into the air! The Elementary students enjoyed watching me gently bring each one out of their terrarium and let it go out into the world, ready to face the next chapter of their lives. It was wonderful for the students to watch our caterpillars go into the chrysalis phase, and then to emerge into newly transformed butterflies!

Also, on Wednesday I took small groups outside for a lovely nature walk, each group focusing on something different about leaves. One group looked at how the leaves are arranged on the stem, another paid attention to leaf margin, another looked at leaf shape, and the last studied leaf venation. The groups each presented their findings on Friday afternoon (which happened to be Dress Down Day).

Each of these scientific projects was interesting and fun for the Elementary students, and it was wonderful to watch their enthusiasm!


About Mrs. Nastasi

Mrs. Nastasi's passion for teaching has been channeled into the elementary program at VFKH since it's conception 10 years ago. She loves the enthusiasm of new discovery in the classroom, and the spark it creates for life-long learning.