Another peek inside our busy room!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another peek inside our bustling Children’s House! Our room is filled with tulips, daffodils, and mushrooms! Yes, Rafi’s mom sent in a mushroom growing kit for us to try. It was so much fun watering the soil and watching the mushrooms emerge in a large cluster. Thank you Juliann!

After 8 months of some serious trying, we have finally attracted some beautiful songbirds to our window feeder. We have also attracted some very persistent (and successful) squirrels, to the delight of your children. Each week, a different child has a turn to fill the feeder or tie used up orange halves nearby to help attract the birds. The children are also diligently feeding the fish, and will soon be helping to make our flower gardens grow. Inside, we are looking at new picture cards featuring spring flowers and spring things (allergies, rainy days, Easter eggs, etc.). We also have new picture cards and corresponding reading labels for sports. Many of the children are enjoying land and water form exploration — lakes, islands, gulfs, peninsulas, etc.

Our April recipe is cream drop biscuits. They are delightful with peach jam! The children who are reading give the baking lessons to younger children, who work as their assistants. A few children have also been preparing and serving french press coffee to adults and observers. Baking happens every single day in our Children’s House!

On the walking line, which we call “The Ellipse,” we have been practicing a lot of walking, marching, skipping, galloping, running, and processing (like a king or queen!). This is always available to the children when they feel called to it, and is a very calming and grounding exercise that also develops grace and coordination of movement. It’s often done accompanied by music.

We have been diligently practicing for our spring performance. The children are learning the great art of pantomime, and about proper stage placement so that no matter what’s happening on the stage, your face is always visible. They especially love practicing their Broadway-style bows and curtsies. We are also trying hard to enunciate our words and project our voices so even the back row can hear us! We can’t wait for you to join us on April 27.

The older children have experienced renewed interest in the moveable alphabet and are building some wonderful words and telling little stories. They were compiling so many written books that I decided to let them do ALL the bookmaking because I couldn’t keep up! The only rules are, fill the rug before you write, write neatly and illustrate beautifully. They love punching holes, making covers, and selecting/tying their beautiful ribbons.

In the afternoons, we have recently read the first two Pippi Longstocking books. The children adore her and laugh out loud at many of the silly chapters. Before that, we read The Secret Garden. I always recommend reading a chapter or two at bedtime from interesting literature. The less pictures, the more space for imagination to take off! Even if the language is a little over their heads, they can definitely understand the gist of a story and its characters.

Finally, we seem to have a rash of growing (READ:: HUNGRY!!!) children recently. I have asked ALL of them to eat GREAT, BIG breakfasts in the mornings to help keep them satisfied until lunch. They are always welcome to have a turn at the snack table, but sometimes get too busy and forget, and hunger gets the best of them. Please feed them extra eggs, bacon, waffles, or any good protein and fats! Even a second breakfast if you have any hobbits like my son George 🙂

Here are some recent pictures for you to enjoy. Spending so much time with your children is such a blessing. Thank you for sending them. They are such a wonderful group.