Our Garden is Awake!

Three Cheers for Mrs. Patel for volunteering on the coldest day this Spring to help the children awaken
our garden and plant flowers. The children each had the opportunity to plant a pansy in our main
garden and get rid of the weeds to brighten up the space. We have been talking about the main
ingredients plants need to grow, how to loosen up the soil and how to water plants. Currently the
students are observing each day to see if they need to tend to the garden. Being that we were all away
for the weekend and the sun was shining so much the children concluded that watering the plants
would be a great way to help our lovely flowers grow. I hope you enjoy some of the photos we took of
our first gardening day.

About Ms. Phelen

Ms. Phelen has been a pillar of the VFKH community for over 25 years. She loves to watch the children grow in all aspects of their being, and share with them some of her talents, such as music and art appreciation.