The Joy of Writing in Our Class

The past few months the children have been practicing their writing of letters and thoughts with a variety of lessons.  There are a large variety of lessons the students have been working on up until now, which provide them opportunities to develop both their physical and mental abilities for writing.

We especially had an explosion of writing one day this week in which it seemed as if every student was engaged with one or more of these writing lessons.  The younger students have been practicing their writing of letters by tracing the sandpaper letters, tracing these letters in the sandpaper letter sand box, writing letters on the big easels and even on paper.  The surprising experience I had the chance to observe was when one of the older students took out the moveable alphabet and began to create special story verses using paper and pencil.

Here is an article you may enjoy:


The experience was such a wonderful pleasure to watch but the true joy occurred when this one child created the motivation for several other students to do the same.  Each story was very unique and special to that individual student.  I have attached an article I think you might enjoy reading called “Who Taught Wyatt to Write”. It provides a wonderful perspective of how writing can so magically occur in a Montessori environment.

About Ms. Phelen

Ms. Phelen has been a pillar of the VFKH community for over 25 years. She loves to watch the children grow in all aspects of their being, and share with them some of her talents, such as music and art appreciation.