This year’s gardening mission did amazingly well.  Even the very hot weather did not dampen everybody’s morning.  All the children loved participating in this activity.

Thanks to the meticulous planning and coordinating of Ms. Grogan, our garden plot by the playground is abounding with herbs, flowers and plants.  She purposely chose plants that could withstand summer heat with minimal care.  School is closed during the summer but the plants are expected to be healthy by the time school starts again in the fall.
Each and every student, from both the primary and elementary classes, participated and had very important jobs.  Ms. Grogan planned the gardening in such a way each child got to experience the whole gardening process.  They gathered all the leaves and sticks, weeded, raked, placed the compost and planted seeds and plants.  We’ve been collecting compost the whole year so it was very interesting for them to see how it is used in the garden.  The days after gardening, they continued to water everything they planted and they are very excited to see how the plants will turn grow.
Thank you Ms. Grogan for spearheading the school gardening activity.  We would also like to send special thanks to our parent volunteers – Mr. Thornton, Mr.Weeden, Mrs. Francois and Mrs. George who spared one morning to help and hydrate the children. I hope you also had fun!