Diwali Celebration

We had a celebration of Diwali this year. It was certainly a festival of lights in our auditorium. Each student made a special diya with a candle. When all diyas were placed altogether, they made a such beautiful decoration in the auditorium.  The parents also made a huge colorful and specially designed rangoli made out of colored sand.  The rangoli is a special decorative artwork usually done just outside houses in India.  Each student also made their very own rangoli and they were truly proud of them. We placed them right beside the big rangoli.  Mrs. Kanumuru read a special Diwali book, after which the classes were divided into 2 groups. One group had a dance party and the other group were led outside for some sparklers fun.  All students also received special treats of fruits and a delicious Indian snack.  This was such a memorable day for everybody.

We would like to thank the Nandipati, Sethi, Kanumuru and Mahajan families for sharing their traditional Indian celebration with us.  Thank you!