There is always something wonderful going on at VFKH

School News

Butterfly Release and Leaf Study!

On Friday, our butterflies were released into the air! The Elementary students enjoyed watching me gently bring each one out of their terrarium and let it go out into the world, ready to face the next chapter of their lives. It was wonderful for the students to watch our caterpillars go into the chrysalis phase, and then to emerge into newly transformed butterflies!

Also, on Wednesday I took small groups outside for a lovely nature walk, each group focusing on something different about leaves. One group looked at how the leaves are arranged on the stem, another paid attention to leaf margin, another looked at leaf shape, and the last studied leaf venation. The groups each presented their findings on Friday afternoon (which happened to be Dress Down Day).

Each of these scientific projects was interesting and fun for the Elementary students, and it was wonderful to watch their enthusiasm!


What’s New in Elementary: Soccer and Caterpillars

For the past couple of weeks, the Elementary class has been participating in soccer drills on Friday afternoons. The students have been working on ball control, passing, shooting a goal, and stopping a goal as the goalie. Each week they are divided up into two groups during the P.E. session, a younger group and an older group. They enjoy playing with each other and are excited about playing their first game, which will be soon!

Also new in the class are caterpillars that will grow into Painted Ladies butterflies! This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn about metamorphosis right in front of their eyes. Some students are working on the migration of the insect, as well as different markings, dietary preferences, and pollination. Others are drawing butterflies and labeling their parts.  In the gallery below you can find a picture of our caterpillars from this week.

The Elementary class is buzzing with fun and exciting work happening!




Our Back to School Social

What a fantastic day!  We finally had a terrific sunshiny day for outdoor play and a social gathering. All of the little ones especially loved the bubble making, outdoor games, and our play ground.  I hope all of you had a wonderful time watching ...
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Reader’s Theater!

Last week, the Upper Elementary (the 4th and 5th years) performed a Reader's Theater called "The Story of Life." This is one of the Great Lessons that are presented early in the year, and these students have heard the story many times. They enjoyed ...
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another great school year at VFKH! As some of you returning parents know, one of the very first lessons given in the Elementary classroom is the story of God With No Hands. It's also known as the Volcano Story. At the climax of the ...
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Welcome to an Exciting Year

I would like to welcome all of you to a new school year especially our new students and their families. I hope all of you get the chance to meet one another during our school events, especially during our up-coming September Social and Back to School ...
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Eagerly anticipating the fall!

Dear Parents, I just wanted to share with you how excited I am to begin spending my days with your wonderful children! The room is ready -- pencils are sharpened, artwork is hung, books are ready to be opened and dog-eared, and the materials are ...
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From Mrs. Best: This is a sad time for me as this is my last blog for the school.  I am leaving Valley Forge Kinder House after 4 wonderful years of service to your children.  It was a great honor and privilege that I had this opportunity to work ...
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What a Great Year!

How can I describe the school year that has just passed? So many words come to mind. Extraordinary, fun, imaginative, creative, productive, and busy. This year we had a class of 25 first through sixth graders and it was amazing! To watch these ...
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The End of the School Year is Here

Another year has come to an end and now summer has arrived. This year has gone by so fast but was full of special memories of your children. I want to personally thank all those parents who volunteered this year in making our extraordinary events ...
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