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What a Great Year!

What a great year for the Elementary Class! There were a few wonderful guests, fun and educational trips, and incredible growth of the students. I am proud of all that was accomplished this year. Thank you to Mrs. Paseltiner for your tireless dedication to our class.  Thank you to Miss. Molly for being a wonderful substitute teacher while I was on maternity leave.  And thank you, Elementary students, for your hard work all year long.  I will miss all of you over the summer months but look forward to a fabulous new school year starting this Fall!  Have a great summer!


Hope you have a great Summer

Our eventful school year has gone by so fast and I wanted to thank all of my parents who volunteered this year to make it a great success.  The children truly enjoyed your enthusiasm each time you came to visit and share your talent with them.  A special thank you goes out to my room mothers Kris Swede, Carissa Bobenchik, Karen Smith and Kathleen Aaron for our class couldn’t have possibly achieved as much as they did if it wasn’t for all your support.

I would strongly suggest that each of you take the time to read to your children each and every day. Not only for the benefits of one-on-one time but for the added enrichment of language that is so important to your child.  If at anytime your child can read to you as well that would be great too. I want to wish everyone a happy and safe fun filled summer and I’m looking forward in seeing you again in the Fall when school starts up again.  Be safe and take care!

Fondly, Ms. Phelen

Zoo on Wheels

Our primary students were privileged to get a visit from the animals of the Elmwood Park Zoo.   The EPZ Educator, Elisa, brought 3 of the zoo's animals and shared with us important and interesting information about the food they eat, their senses, ...
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Little chicks!

Ms. Grogan never fails to bring the most interesting Show and Tell in class!  This time, she brought her own 2-week old girl chicks.  They are of the Cochin and Black Australorphs kind.  It was such a treat for the children because they were able to ...
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Elementary Field Trip to Black Rock Sanctuary

Last Thursday, the Elementary class went on a field trip to Black Rock Sanctuary just outside of Phoenixville. While there, they were led by a ranger named Chris who showed them many aspects of the 115 acre sanctuary for wildlife and flora. The ...
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Research and Poetry in the Classroom

There is a great deal of flurry in the Elementary classroom!  There are research projects happening with small groups of children, including groups learning about various insects, arachnids (spiders and scorpions), ocean invertebrates, and the five ...
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Kids in the School!

We do have kids come  to school everyday, who we also call students.  However, last week, we had another kind of kid come to visit.  The Whitings brought in 2 baby goats, named Oscar and William, from their farm with their mama goat.  They are 2 ...
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Special Visitor in the Elementary Classroom

There was an exciting special visitor in the elementary classroom last Thursday!  Daniel Paseltiner, Mrs. Paseltiner's oldest son, talked with the students about his upcoming trip to the Appalachian Trail, a 2,184 mile hike. He showed the students a ...
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Dance Party

Mr. Larson and Dr. Perevozskaya came to visit us for a very special treat. We were very excited for them to show us their talent as professional ballroom dancers. They danced a waltz with swift, smooth and flawless dance movements.  It was like ...
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Ms. Grogan’s Show and Tell

Ms. Grogan brought in a very special Show and Tell one day that was so interesting, the children couldn't stop asking about it.  She brought a portion of a tree bark with a perfect hole.  It was apparently part of a tree that fell at her friend's ...
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