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School News

The Excitement in Our Classroom

The children have all been settling into their classroom routines with ease and are working on a variety of lessons. Many of the students are choosing to take the same lessons off the shelves daily, as if they were their very best friends to work with. Through repetition of work, the students become more involved with their own development. Thus, the classroom is a very busy work place with a very happy hum of inside working voices. The children are also helping each other as needed and working both independently and in small groups throughout the day. I hope you enjoy the attached photos that show how the children have chosen a large range of work in our classroom.

Natural Recyclers

This year, both elementary and primary classes started composting.  Although Ms. Grogan and I started the concept in the primary class last year, we are now conducting more conversations on what we can compost and share more information on how this process works. The class saw the need to minimize garbage and are becoming aware of what can be converted to fertilizers for our plants and trees.  The students are now more conscious of what we can throw in trash, recycling and compost bins.
Everyday at recess, the children throw the leftover fruits, flowers and vegetables we accumulated into our new compost bin.  They add dry leaves and mix them together.  Soon they will see their compost stew turn into fertilizer for our garden. We hope it will be ready by Spring!

PE Lessons: Australian and American Kickball

A few weeks ago the Elementary students learned to play Australian kickball, a fun and simple way to learn to kick, run, catch, and pass the ball. Last Friday, they played American kickball, after learning about the history of the game. Two teams had ...
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Great School Year Ahead!

The first month of this school year flew by and I am happy to announce that everybody has settled back into their routine.  Even our new students, Caitie, Nisan and Yliana, didn't take a long time to blend in with their classmates, make new friends ...
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Great work in the Elementary!

What a wonderful couple of weeks! New students joined the class, new friendships are forming, and great lessons are being introduced. The Elementary students are happy to be back in the classroom again, noticing the new changes and getting into the ...
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Welcome to a New School Year

I would like to welcome everyone to a new and wonderful school year.  I hope all of you had a delightful and relaxing summer.  Our class currently has nineteen students, five of which are new.  I hope everyone will get the chance to welcome them at ...
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What a Great Year!

What a great year for the Elementary Class! There were a few wonderful guests, fun and educational trips, and incredible growth of the students. I am proud of all that was accomplished this year. Thank you to Mrs. Paseltiner for your tireless ...
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Hope you have a great Summer

Our eventful school year has gone by so fast and I wanted to thank all of my parents who volunteered this year to make it a great success.  The children truly enjoyed your enthusiasm each time you came to visit and share your talent with them.  A ...
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Zoo on Wheels

Our primary students were privileged to get a visit from the animals of the Elmwood Park Zoo.   The EPZ Educator, Elisa, brought 3 of the zoo's animals and shared with us important and interesting information about the food they eat, their senses, ...
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Little chicks!

Ms. Grogan never fails to bring the most interesting Show and Tell in class!  This time, she brought her own 2-week old girl chicks.  They are of the Cochin and Black Australorphs kind.  It was such a treat for the children because they were able to ...
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