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This is a sad time for me as this is my last blog for the school.  I am leaving Valley Forge Kinder House after 4 wonderful years of service to your children.  It was a great honor and privilege that I had this opportunity to work with all of you, your children and co-workers.  There are so many fun memories that I will carry on with me.  I have so many little anecdotes from each of my students that left me in fits of laughter.  I will remember all the times I get hugs from my students just because.  I will remember the moments when most of them called me “Mom” and their real moms, “Mrs. Best”.  I will remember all the eureka moments my students have while working on their materials.  I will remember the books they brought to school because they wanted to share with their classmates.  I will remember the time when one of my students made an archipelago clay formation and called it the Philippines.  I will remember how my students counted in 4 languages.  I will remember all the postcards they sent our classroom when they went on vacation.  I will remember how environmentally aware they all are, making sure they didn’t waste paper towels and water.  I will remember the time when one of them asked me whether her banana peel should go – compost or trash.

So many memories that really made my stay at VFKH really special. I will miss all of you and I hope you will remember me.  Thank you for everything!

What a Great Year!

How can I describe the school year that has just passed? So many words come to mind. Extraordinary, fun, imaginative, creative, productive, and busy. This year we had a class of 25 first through sixth graders and it was amazing! To watch these children work together in a multitude of ways was incredible and rewarding. The pictures attached are from the last week of school, including the Elementary “Picnic in the Park,” and some presentations from a literary exercise. As I look back on this year, I feel such a sense of inspiration and accomplishment. I hope that the students feel the same way, and that they’re excited by the friendships they made and proud of themselves for all of their hard work. Congratulations on a great year, everybody!


The End of the School Year is Here

Another year has come to an end and now summer has arrived. This year has gone by so fast but was full of special memories of your children. I want to personally thank all those parents who volunteered this year in making our extraordinary events ...
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MUP’s Trip to Philly

The MUPS had a wonderful time visiting all the historical places in Philadelphia. They toured throughout the city learning about the talents and life style of Benjamin Franklin. He was an amazing man for his time. The children saw the Liberty Bell, ...
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MUP Overnight

Our MUPS from the 2 campuses gathered together for an overnight experience at the Limerick campus one Friday evening.  Some of them had initial jitters a few weeks before this event, but a few days leading to it, they were more at ease and were ...
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Evening of the Arts!

On May 11, the Elementary class hosted an "Evening of the Arts," a special evening where parents and other guests could come and learn about patriotism. Each student participated in two different programs that we called Act 1 and Act 2. During Act 1, ...
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A Student Intern in the Elementary Class

Who is Nam? If you're an elementary parent, you probably have heard this name recently. Well, here's the scoop: Nam is a senior at Conestoga High School who is interning here at our school because he is interested in Montessori Education as a ...
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This year's gardening mission did amazingly well.  Even the very hot weather did not dampen everybody's morning.  All the children loved participating in this activity. Thanks to the meticulous planning and coordinating of Ms. Grogan, our garden ...
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Our Garden is Awake!

Three Cheers for Mrs. Patel for volunteering on the coldest day this Spring to help the children awaken our garden and plant flowers. The children each had the opportunity to plant a pansy in our main garden and get rid of the weeds to brighten up ...
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Spring Play and Song Fest was another success this year.  All our students took part in the play, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".  It was initially quite a task to plan a huge and lengthy play, but everybody worked really hard to learn their ...
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