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School News

Early Dismissal

School will close at 1pm today due to the expect icy conditions. Midday dismissal will be held normally. There will be no Kinder Kammer.

Snow Day

School will be closed today,  January 4th. 

Children’s Day

In the Shambhala Tradition, Winter Solstice is celebrated through Children's Day when light will begin to return again.  Children naturally give light to our lives and it is but appropriate to have a day especially for them. The father of Olive ...
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Hanukkah in the Classroom

Our primary class was fortunate enough to have 2 families come and celebrate  a very special Jewish occasion, Hanukkah, with us.  Nicole read a book about a story of a family celebrating Hanukkah and the miracles that made this holiday a truly ...
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Unlocking the Mystery!

If you were unable to attend the Parent Education event entitled, “Unlocking the Mystery,” on Tuesday, I’d like to provide you with a window into how the afternoon went. First, we welcomed the parents to the class and gave them a small tour.  Then ...
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Viola Show and Tell

In our primary classroom, the children can bring a special interest to show to their friends on their snack days.  Hugo brought his viola one day, which he proudly and gladly played to his friends and teachers with his father, Joe, who played the ...
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Diwali Celebration

We had a celebration of Diwali this year. It was certainly a festival of lights in our auditorium. Each student made a special diya with a candle. When all diyas were placed altogether, they made a such beautiful decoration in the auditorium.  The ...
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Weaver’s Orchard Field Trip

We had such an extraordinary experience at the Apple Orchards!  The huge orchard grows several kinds of trees like cherries, peaches and blueberries but we focused our attention on apples.  The students had so much fun learning all about apples - the ...
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Elementary Field Trip Last Thursday

On Thursday, the Elementary class enjoyed a 2-part field trip experience about watersheds and water quality. The first part was in the classroom. Diana Andrejczak, the Manager of Education from the Pennsylvania Resources Council, the oldest ...
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The Importance of Family Mealtimes

Mealtimes can be the happiest moments of a child's life. Children can participate in dynamic conversations with their parents, siblings, and extended family during mealtimes. They can feel part of a unit, feel respected and appreciated, during this ...
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