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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Spring Play and Song Fest was another success this year.  All our students took part in the play, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  It was initially quite a task to plan a huge and lengthy play, but everybody worked really hard to learn their lines and songs during our practices.  Most importantly, they had fun playing the characters they were assigned and found great appreciation of Roald Dahl’s masterpiece.  Most of them were not even daunted by the audience who came to watch them.  We are very proud of them.
I would especially like to thank all the parents who helped us with the props, make up and other preparation work for the play.  Without all of you, our play will be a more difficult task to do.  It was great team work.  Again, I can’t thank you enough.

The MMUN Experience

Before going to the MMUN, I blogged about what the whole experience was going to be like.  After the event, I continue to hear lots of great feedback from the delegates and parents, and questions from those who would like to know more.  So here’s a summary of how the event went:

What an amazing experience! Our delegates who represented Sweden and Barbados did an amazing job in New York City March the 14th through 17th. There was great excitement leading up to the event, and the train ride to New York was very exciting, with lots of discussion about what the event will be like.

Once we arrived, some of the delegates had the opportunity to be flag bearers during the Opening Ceremony, while the others waited in the audience enjoying the procession. It was a lovely ceremony and the delegates were eager to start the next day!

On Thursday, three pairs of delegates were in different committee rooms, discussing and strategizing with Montessori peers from around the world about current topics of debate in the United Nations.  They repeated the process on Friday, and each day they ended the session having collaborated on incredible resolutions that would be passed on to an ambassador of the United Nations.

Then, the culmination of the whole event happened on Saturday, when the delegates had the incredible experience of going to the United Nations and sitting in the actual General Assembly as model delegates.  It was very exciting!!  The delegates all walked away from the event fulfilled in different ways and inspired by the whole experience.

Next year, we will begin the MMUN Club for those going to the MMUN in 2020.  We have now begun fundraising for that trip through Pizza Fridays.

Thank you to everyone who supported us so that we could go last month!  All of the parents of delegates worked hard, and the delegates themselves were quite inspiring with their commitment and perseverance, despite some challenges along the way.  Miss Molly and I were awed by the way all 6 of them handled themselves throughout the entire four days last March.  It was a humbling experience, and we are thrilled to begin the process again with the Club next year!

Snow Delay

Thursday, March 22nd school will open at 9:30am for all students. ...
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Snow Closing

School will be closed today, March 21, due to the snow storm. ...
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Snow Day

We will be closed Wednesday, March 7th due to the impending storm. Stay safe and warm! We will see you on Thursday. ...
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The MMUN trip is almost here!

You may have noticed information about the MMUN on the white board when dropping your child off at school. Also, many of you have been contributing to the MMUN by buying pizza for your child each Friday, enjoying the day off from packing a lunch for ...
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The Joy of Writing in Our Class

The past few months the children have been practicing their writing of letters and thoughts with a variety of lessons.  There are a large variety of lessons the students have been working on up until now, which provide them opportunities to develop ...
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Poetry in the Elementary!

Many Elementary students have been studying poetry this month.  Some are reading poems and drawing pictures of what they interpret from reading a poem.  Others are learning about meter and feet within a poem, and what the different types of meter are ...
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Special Interest

In our classroom, we show our children fascinating real-life objects.  These may be things that we see in our backyards, in a park or from a recent trip that we got as a souvenir.  We provide clear and precise vocabulary to identify and describe ...
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Early Dismissal

School will close at 1pm today due to the expect icy conditions. Midday dismissal will be held normally. There will be no Kinder Kammer. ...
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