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Archives for November 2017

Diwali Celebration

We had a celebration of Diwali this year. It was certainly a festival of lights in our auditorium. Each student made a special diya with a ...
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Weaver’s Orchard Field Trip

We had such an extraordinary experience at the Apple Orchards!  The huge orchard grows several kinds of trees like cherries, peaches and ...
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Elementary Field Trip Last Thursday

On Thursday, the Elementary class enjoyed a 2-part field trip experience about watersheds and water quality. The first part was in the ...
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The Importance of Family Mealtimes

Mealtimes can be the happiest moments of a child's life. Children can participate in dynamic conversations with their parents, siblings, and ...
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Firefighter Visit

Last month we were delighted to have our friendly neighborhood firefighters come and visit our school.  Their big red fire trucks were ...
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Fall Fest

Halloween has finally arrived at VFKH.  The children have been looking forward to this special day for weeks.  A few of the elementary ...
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