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Archives for October 2014


Last Friday, the Primary and Elementary students celebrated Diwali!  Mr. and Mrs. Koli and Mrs. Rajeswaran taught the children about this ...
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Discovering the Fall Season

The students have been learning how nature changes around them as Fall approaches.  The younger students have gone on short nature walks on ...
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Happy Diwali

Last Friday, the children had a great time celebrating Diwali: the Festival of Lights with their friends and  volunteer parents.  We read a ...
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Play dough Fun!

  Play dough is one of the favorite activities in the classroom.  To keep our supply of play dough going, we spent one afternoon ...
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Soccer and “Dress Down Day” in the Elementary

Last Friday the elementary students enjoyed playing soccer together!  They play soccer every Friday afternoon, if the weather allows. The ...
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Family Pictures

Our class has been very busy the past few weeks, and are getting more and more comfortable with each other and with the classroom.  I would ...
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